About us

Pad Alvan Pack Company is one of Pak Modiran Azad Industrial Group Companies (PMA) founded in 2015 within a land measured 6 hectares for expansion of converting capacities in printing and laminating division, aiming to create jobs.

Pak Modiran Azad Industrial Group (PMA) is honored in using capability of Pad Alvan Pack Co. in producing sterile liquid packaging (Aseptic) by the use of state-of-the-art machinery and specialized and talented staff with access to up-to-date know-how. Fortunately, the company has achieved high-file successes in this regard.  Another most recognizable capability of PMA Group is to increase production capacity of multilayer packaging products, for which we have achieved ideal qualitative and quantitative results. Besides meeting qualitative requirements in certain tests such as passing impenetrability, strength of layers, color stabilization and quality of print, products of this company have received quality certificates and exploitation licenses from Health organizations and National Standard Institute. 

Pad Alvan Pack co. has also constructed and run a small-scale power plant CHP with electricity generation capacity of 6 MGW, as the first industrial unit in Eshtehard Industrial city, to be used internally besides covering electricity shortage in Nationwide Electricity Network in emergency cases





Introducing the factories of Padalavan Pak Industrial Group


wrapping films, produced in converting plant of Pad Alvan Pack Co
in packaging industry, converting refers to a process in which by laminating polymer films such as PET, OPP, PE, etc., paper and foil, using different adhesives (solvent base and non-solvent base), a new multilayer product is created which has many applications in packaging of different products of food, beverage
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Aseptic Products Factory

Manufacturer of tetrapacks and multi-layer packaging
Aseptic products of Pad Alvan Pack Co. are now in production line supplied to the market in different sizes and shapes. Each product has their own shape and proper packaging based on the product and consumers' requirements. Pad Alvan Pack Co. aseptic plant has used the most up-to-date and modern technologies of the world and has provided possibilities of production of different products. In Pad Alvan Pack Co., we have paved the road to produce Aseptic packaging products. Such products are categorized into three types named as Slim, Square and TFA
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Power Planet

پاد الوان تولید کننده محصولات اسپتیک و کانورتینگ

Power plant of this company with generation capacity of 6MGW expandable to 25 MGW, has been designed, implemented and put into operation aiming to support electricity power required by this company pursuant to the State-approved-project for launching small-scale power plants. Currently, 3 generators of 2 MGW on CHP basis are in operation with the capacity to generate thermal energy required by the factory indoor areas and production process in connection with the 20KW Electricity Network of Ministry of Energy under a 5-year-guaranteed sales contract.


Innovation means change and transformation of knowledge in design, manufacturing products, provision of new services and creating new processes and innovative methods along with high efficiency. One highly important point in innovation is triggering competitions and comprehensive impact on our lives. Innovation creates new jobs and compiles all prominent factors that will help economy of a country to grow, improve and strengthen. Straightforwardly, innovation is the outcome of all processes that serve an idea and boost growth and development of a new product.

What really innovative concept implies to us, cover all the creative ideas which pave our road for a new and improved product to reach the market. Pad Alvan Pack Co. has always taken steps toward new challenges with innovations under initiative structures and has eagerly employed highly-skilled staff. Focusing on innovation and joining the strategy of leading companies in this field has let Pad Alvan Pack Co. approach considerable magnificent growth in managing customers’ cost reductions alongside a noticeable growth in expansion of distribution network.

Annually, we have prominent and impressive investments on research and development of our production and products and we have achieved important position in this regard. Today, what we are proud of is that Pad Alvan Pack Co. has played a magnificent role in reduction of customers’ costs.

In Pad Alvan Pack Co., what we have been focusing mainly on is to improve quality and guarantee products manufactured by this company.  Our motto has always been “guarantee your quality with Pad Alvan Pack products”.

We have always introduced modern and creative solutions to flexible packaging industry in applicable areas. We have always intended to act innovatively to stay with our customers in a long run.

Our ability in making new decisions in this industry, has always given us an opportunity to react to the requirements of the market positively and effectively.

Customers’ satisfaction is one of the most important objectives of this group. Pad Alvan Pack Co. consider customers’ satisfaction in completion of product improvement process and application of world up-to-date technology. Taking such matter into consideration prevents probable problem rise and let improvement of quality over products.



Pad Alvan Pack Co. motto:

“High-Quality production, increase of customers’s and beneficiaries’ satisfaction, health of staff”

Heading following aims:

  1. To increase satisfaction and loyalty among customers via constant improvement in communicating with them, price reduction and improvement in health level and quality of products and services based on international, national and regional standards.
  2. Continuous efforts in line with promotion of staff knowledge and motivation; expansion of customer-oriented culture with constant trainings in order to attain effective staff partnership to achieve organizational
  3. To increase workforce satisfaction by creating proper work condition.
  4. To reduce wastage and use financial sources, energy, manpower and equipment properly.
  5. To develop business by providing new products, manufacturing and providing various products and special attention to economic production in order to develop business in national and international
  6. Sustainable development, constant improvement and efficiency of managerial systems