Aseptic Liquid Packaging

Aseptic Liquid Packaging, produced in Aseptic unit, is a special product for packaging liquids. The term “ASEPTIC” is taken from a Greek word which means inexistence of defecting microorganisms. Milk, dairy products, puddings, desserts, fruit juice and vegetable juice can be easily packaged in such containers.

Aseptic liquid packaging saves vitamins and other nutritional values contained in. In fact, it prolongs the shelf life of products with less additives.

Such packaging protects inner contents from chemicals, moisture, heat, weak microorganisms, and ionized rays.

Besides protecting, aseptic packaging helps to keep fresh quality of products. As a result, aseptic packaging composition and structure has a complexity which differs according to the product.

Aseptic liquid packaging is multilayer.

Paper of such packaging is made of the wood of trees used for strengthening the product.

Polyethylene: a very thin film which prevents microorganism penetration

Aluminum: is in charge of keeping the products isolated from light and air transmission. This feature extends an approximate 6-month shelf life for the foodstuff which has vast use in dairy products. (Protection against air, light and whatsoever causing products to rot).

Combination of these three factors has brought about possibility of production of such packaging with optimum properties and excellent efficiency.

Aseptic liquid packaging, produced in Pad Alvan Pack Co., include several types as Slim, Square and TFA.

Slim aseptic packaging

Aseptic liquid packaging of Pad Alvan Pack Co. are divided into several categories which are in production line in Eshtehard Industrial city. One kind of such Aseptic liquid packaging is called “Slim aseptic packaging” which is provided to the market with capacities of 200 ml., 1000 ml. and triangle 200 ml.

Such packaging is one of the most efficient ones as it is easily put on store shelves or inside refrigerators of homes because of its rectangular shape.

In Pad Alvan Pack Co., we deliver such packaging to the foodstuff suppliers in rolls. All the process takes place in Pad Alvan Pack Co. complex including printing on rolls, laminating, packing and finally placing rolls on pallets and sending them to suppliers.

Triangular aseptic packaging is kind of slim aseptic packaging which is fully flexible because of its proper size and efficiency really suitable for milk and fruit juice for children. Owing to the size and physical shape, this product suits children because they usually seek for products with creative shapes, fantasy and new models. 


تتراپک اسپتیک اسلیم

squareaseptic packaging

Another aseptic liquid packaging type which is in production line of Pad Alvan Pack Co. is “Square”. Square type, like other aseptic types, is multilayer. These days, the square type we produce on wholesale basis, is the one with the capacity of 1000 mml.

TFA aseptic packaging

The main objective of design and production of TFA aseptic packaging is cost reduction ending to production of a product with lower cost for customers. Having no crease, die-cut and cap are reasons of lower cost for this product. TFA aseptic packaging is fully economic and produced due to its economic affordability. This product is less expensive than Square and Slim types, while it is like other aseptic products in protecting and preserving contents. TFA, like other aseptic products, is multilayer and protects its inner contents against external factors



Stream cap, alongside other aseptic products, is produced at the aseptic section of Pad Alvan Pack Co. for being used as the valve of 1-litre liquid packaging.

Aseptic Tube

Production of multilayer films is practicable in aseptic unit for packaging various types of medical creams, toothpastes, ointments, chocolate creams, plum puree, etc.

For covering such purpose, sort of films, with analysis of transparent ABL, are produced with minimum five (5) layers using extrusion lamination technique while on one side, they are printable and then on the other side, they can be in direct touch with the contents to the extent that under no circumstances there will be no delamination between the layers of such film because of the top strength between them. Plasticity and re-sealing of such 5-layer films are in a way which easily provide available strong printable tube production for the customers.