Pouches Types: Product Selection Guide

Whatever has more direct impact on sale of a product is product packaging. Pouches are the most important element in demand of a product which drags most of customers’ attention before identifying the product itself. Accordingly, quality of print and design of pouches are so important to such an extent that we can say “Even if your product is the best product available in the market, if it doesn’t have proper packaging, small percentage of customers refer to you”. Hence, the best solution to absorb potential customers will be appropriate flexible packaging.

Pad Alvan Pack pouches have high and proper quality, so even after opening them, the content is still protected. Such pouches are highly strengthened with flexibility. As a cover, such pouch protects the contents against penetration of moisture and light and preserves product aroma and taste. For choosing the best pouch, you can keep in touch with our experts in Pad Alvan Pack Co.


Flat Bottom Pouch

Flat bottom pouch, as its name implies, are the ones which have flat ending which let them be easily placed on surfaces. Flat bottom pouches stand vertically on store shelves while bilateral gussets provide more room for tucking more items in. Flat bottom pouches are the ones with high capacity, so their use is extensive. Flat bottom pouches produced by Pad Alvan Pack Co. have taken the advantage of the world state-of-the-art technology and are well printable. Among the features of such containers, we can name high strength, suitable sealing, being multilayer, potent to have immediate contact with foodstuff (Food Grade) and preventing penetration of external materials into the bag. Flat bottom pouches, produced by Pad Alvan Pack Co., are capable of being produced with maximum of 8 colors from 40-170 microns in thickness.

Flat bottom pouch applications can be used for candies, cereals, rice, tea, pet food, coffee, powders in various types, biscuits and other foodstuff.

پاکت های فلت باتم-Pouch Box – Flat Bottom

Stand-up Zipper Pouch

This pouch, known as Stand-up zipper pouch, is produced and supplied to the market in excellent quality and beautiful appearance. They are multilayer and guarantee product safety besides maintaining product appearance.

Such pouches are produced in different thicknesses and sizes. As its name implies, Stand-up zipper pouches are produced in standing (vertical) shape which could also be supplied to the market by zipper at customers’ request and can be provided on store shelves in a standing position. It takes up little space, weighs light, preserves the beauty of the product in appearance, prevents oxygen and moisture penetration into the product, it is user-friendly and provides products with full protection.

Pad Alvan Pack Co. provides wide range of tailor-made services considering your requirements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Center Seal Pouch

Centre seal pouches are the proper solution for different packaging requirements due to their Proper size. This product is suitable for packaging foodstuff, animal food, Pet-care products, cookies and chocolates, breakfasts, dry fruits and nuts, frozen food, processed meats, various chicken type, sea food and snacks.

Center seal pouches, produced in Pad Alvan Pack Co., have adequate stability and flexibility, so they are easily functional and due to proper sealing, they prevent the inner product against penetration of moisture and air. Center Seal pouches are multilayer and can be laminated.

Some features of Center Seal pouch are as following below:

Proper stability

Leakage proof

Varieties in size

Bear up being filled by hot substances

Produced with maximum 8 colors

Printable as glossy or matte


پاکت مرکز دوخت- center seal

Side Gusset Pouch

Side Gusset pouches are among the most popular ones for coffee and tea. When consuming such type of pouches, maximum capacity can be used. These pouches, similar to other types, are multilayer and stitched from both up and down. Usually, on such pouch, there is a transparent polyethylene called “window” by which the inner content can be seen.

Side Gussets are appropriate solutions for protecting and packaging your goods. Like other types of pouches, side Gussets are capable of being produced with maximum of 8 colors and their suitable sealing can protect the inner contents from light, moisture, heat and oxygen.

Side gusset pouches are used for packaging various types of foodstuff, snack and other industries. Our experts will help you in Pad Alvan Pack Co. to choose the best type of pouch appropriate for your products.

Lightness, affordability, high-filling speed, high efficiency and flexibility are among features of such pouch.