Stick packs Types: Product Selection Guide

Stick packs are kind of flexible packaging which can have a lot of use in our daily lives and varieties of products can be packed with them.

Stick packs have tight structure which suitably prevents them from penetration of heat, light and oxygen because they have strong sealing-ability. Besides, stick packs are easily and suitably printable by Heliogravoures. Light weight and little-volume of packaging are other advantages of stick packs. Because of having user-friendly layout and low volume packaging, stick packs are a good choice for different applications in which sizes and colors can be customized in various orders.

Features of stick packs:

Printable by 8 colors

Having innovative and flexible designs


As mentioned, application of such stick packs is very vast and Pad Alvan Pack Co. has succeeded to produce a wide range of products including stick packs of coffee, drink powders, pharmaceutical powders and liquids, honey and lime juice.

Our sales department in Pad Alvan Pack Co. is fully ready to help you to have the best choice for your products. For any further inquiries, please contact our experts. Taking stick packs into considerations, Pad Alvan Pack Co. have had cooperation with popular brands like multi-café, Ben Mano, Déjà vu, and medicines such as ORS Powders.

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Envelope: Product Selection Guid


envelope is a proper packaging for different kinds of tea and herbals with the ability to preserve the aroma, taste and color and can be designed in different sizes with various layouts.

Regarding features of envelopes  produced at Pad Alvan Pack Co., they can protect the contents of the package from external effects and considering their flexible stiffness, there will be less harm to their inner contents in comparison with a packaging made of paper.

Flexible packaging of tea and herbals is produced by high-tech machinery and has highest quality. Also, Pouches are designed and produced to meet every customer’s requirements. In this regard, we have had cooperation with leading companies such as Daryan Niosha, Mehrchin, Mehr Giah, Dr. Bin, etc.

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