Types of Sachet: Product selection guide

Sachets, are small packaging units used as disposable containers for consumable items such as foodstuff, cosmetics and hygienic products, pharmaceutics, farming and animal products. With development of technology and modern lifestyle, use of food sachets has increasingly expanded because of their easy-to-use nature. Printing and producing food sachets, is mainly done by aluminum and metalized layers with varieties of applications for consumption. Vast use of such sachets is their main and important feature making them appropriate for any products such as powders or liquids produced in proper sizes either horizontally or vertically in little volume. Food sachet of Pad Alvan Pack Co. is one of the highly-manufactured products supplied to the market in various sizes. These days, different kinds of such packaging are available in the market for consumption including hotels, inns, coffee shops and restaurants. Pad Alvan Pack Co. has been able to customize and print all desirable minded images of products based on customers’ demands due to having access to highly-profile experts with 20 years of experience using the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art technology in the world. Besides, customers can keep further contacts to consult with our sales experts about their flexible packaging requirements.


Food Grade Sachets

Because of proper design and size, sachets have variety of applications in use. Such sachets are multilayer and due to having suitable sealing, they keep the products free of moisture and contaminants and cover the health of products.  One type of such sachet is the “Food Grade Sachet” which is vastly welcomed by users in food sectors due to their little volume, easy-to-use format and ergonomic design.

The inner layer of such sachets is also “Food Grade” which means they have confirmed quality to be in touch with the foodstuff. Pad Alvan Pack Co. produces multilayer packaging film of such sachets in a fully hygienic environment away from any contaminants by the use of machinery of highest level of technology in the world. Recently, PAD Alvan Co. sachets are supplied to the market as of sachets of dressing, lime juice and plum purée. In this regard, we have had fruitful cooperation with prominent companies such as Kaleh, Bijan and Behrouz.

ساشه های غذایی_ساشه سس

Cosmetic and Health Grade Sachets

ساشه های ارایشی بهداشتی_بسته بندی دستمال مرطوب

Similar to foodstuff sachets, cosmetic and health-care sachets are also made of multilayer aluminum and metalized material.

Sachets are user-friendly promoted products with high popularity, fully hygienic with almost unique options because of stiff and proper cover, sealing and proper volume for different applications.

Cosmetics and health-care sachets are used for disposable and advertising targets aiming to introduce proposed products. So, quality of printings on such products is highly important. We produce and supply sachets to consumers based on their usage in the markets.

Features of such sachets can be quality of printings, being small in size and production in matt or glossy format.

If you are seeking for a product which enables you to supply your cosmetic and health-care products in a sachet, Pad Alvan Pack Co. is exactly the right place you are looking for.

Cosmetic and health-care sachets of Pad Alvan Pack Co. include lotion, shampoo, condom, nail-polish remover, alcohol pad, wipes, hair color, hair discoloration powder, epilating powder, child wipes and specialized pads for ladies and men.

For cosmetic and health-care products, production of high-quality and affordable sachets has been achieved by our efforts in many years and we have never withheld any efforts in rendering consultations to our customers in such field.

In this regard, we have had cooperation with leading companies such as Pars Parand Diba, Seylaneh Sabz, Cinere and Anjir Talaei.

Pharmaceutical Grade Sachet

In pharmaceutical industry, sachets are used for various kinds of dry drugs and diet supplements. These sachets have laminated layers which prevent penetration of microbes. Such act will bring about a proper and ideal packaging for the pharmaceutical products.


Advantages of Pharmaceutical Sachets:

  • Proper Sealing
  • Leakage Reduction
  • Friction resistant
  • Resistant against light, moisture, and transmission of gas of any types

Such packaging is an optimum and engineered solution for pharmaceutical and medical products available as disposable ones. This product is used against external elements and moisture for the pharmaceutical and medical products.

Other features of such sachets include their slim and flexible design compared to other packages.

In Pad Alvan Pack Co., sincere efforts have been made to supply our pharmaceutical sachet laminated films with highest quality to ensure health to the market and provide our customers’ satisfaction. We produce sachet laminated films by the use of worldwide state-of-the-art technology including 8-color printing machine; and recently, we have managed to provide the market with pharmaceutical sachets for pharmaceutical powder, additives, and supplements.

In this regard, Pad Alvan Pack Co. has cooperated with companies like Darou Pakhsh, Rouz Daroo, Exir, Zist Takhmir and Zist Darou.

Sachets for Animals, Birds and Aquatic Products

In Pad Alvan Pack Co., we have done our very best to provide effective solutions for packaging products of various types, from which one of them is the Farming Grade Sachet. After many valuable years of experience gained in production of packaging films, we have managed to provide such a product which can fully protect your products against external factors. With regards to this, we have provided the market with solutions and offers for flexible packaging for different applications such as poisons, fertilizers and pesticides. Such laminated films keep contents of sachets safe against light and any external factors. Pad Alvan Pack Co. is honored to provide top quality products to the market according to the world state-of-the-art technology with high strength against temperature and tearing.

Pesticides and poisons are naturally reactive and toxic. Therefore, proper packaging prevents any kind of leakage or penetration of external factors. In Pad Alvan Pack Industrial Complex, sachets have been designed and manufactured in accordance with accurate standards to protect chemicals. Hence, specialized teams of Pad Alvan Pack Co. have used the most advanced machinery and equipment. We have usually looked for effective solutions for the packaging of various poisons to keep them away from different factors such as moisture or air penetration. Such sachets are produced as multilayer capable of being printed with several colors. We can mention other animal product sachets as animal, bird, aquatic food and animal drug sachets. These sachets have fully been designed flexible and are able to protect contents of the product.